After more than four years in debate, the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) has been ratified by the EU and will become part of UK law later this month. The new legislation will apply to any company that trades with and holds data on EU citizens. In short, the GDPR will help to secure customer data and create a safer online experience for everyone.

The GDPR becomes part of UK law on May 25th 2018. BS Fixings has always taken data protection extremely seriously but the new law will enable us to make things even safer for our customers, providing a single, universal set of rules. We will of course ensure total compliance with the GDPR and have been working hard behind the scenes to bring our systems into line.

GDPR will allow individuals to become more in control of their data than ever before. Users will be able to find out exactly what data is held on them by companies and will allow them to request the removal of this data quickly and easily. New safeguards will be put into place regarding the storage and usage of data; these safeguards will include data encryption, resilient storage systems and regular testing to ensure data remains safely protected.

'Personal data' is defined as any information that can relate to an identifiable person. It covers things like IP addresses and cookies as well as directly-identifiable data such as email addresses and bank details. This means that users will enjoy an unprecedented level of protection.

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