Riveting by hand gets the job done and is fine for really small projects but for anything else you’re going to want a bit of power to speed things up. This is provided in the form of the rivet gun, and there aren’t any on the market that can do the job better than a Goebel.

The GO-100 is so easy to use, it’s almost like magic. Accuracy, power, consistency; this tool has it all and is also particularly light and compact. You’ll soon be riveting like a professional as the GO-100 unleashes your inner creativity!

There is no wire to get in your way with the GO-100 accu-tool, as the device functions using a rechargeable battery. Charging takes just a short time and the gun will go for hours; the battery IS included, as is a smart carrying case to keep the gun safe in transit.

A special feature of the GO-100 is its ability to store broken rivet mandrels, allowing you to keep going for ages. There is a large section in the back of the gun designed for this purpose and, when it is full, simply twisting off the cap allows you to remove them in one single motion.

If you’re new to riveting, then the sheer power and decisiveness of the GO-100 rivet gun can be a bit intimidating. We have put together a video that will take you through the whole process step by step, showing you how easy and safe it is. Professionals can benefit from watching the video too; there’s no harm in a quick refresher!

Check out the GO-100 and our video to find out how YOU could soon be the best riveter on the block! As with all of our products here at BS Fixings, you are guaranteed the most competitive market price and a full guarantee of absolute product quality.