Many construction projects, from home extensions and the building of new garden walls to creating a full-on conservatory, require that a new masonry wall be connected to one already in existence. A quick, easy and cost-effective way to achieve this is with the use of the BS Fixings Wall Starter Kit. This versatile, bestselling product is included in our big summer sale and so, for a limited time, you can save a cool 10% on our regular competitive price.

'Toothing out', which involves removing alternate bricks from the existing wall to leave 'teeth' that can then be interlocked with the bricks that form the new wall. Obviously a time-consuming and laborious process, 'toothing out' can also cause problems if the mortar bond between new and old bricks is not absolutely perfect.

The 'toothing out' process has largely been replaced with the use of wall starters, which are faster, easier and cheaper, as well as being far less disruptive during installation. The time saved translates directly to cost savings and the problem of inadequate mortar bonding is completely eliminated.

The BS Fixings Wall Starter Kit contains everything necessary to achieve reliable, professional results, whether used on internal or external brick or block walls. Each kit contains two wall connectors made from quality stainless steel along with all of the necessary washers, connectors, screws and plugs needed for a single-leaf wall measuring up to 2.4 metres.

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