Stainless steel banding is extremely versatile. As stainless steel is particularly resistant to corrosion, it can successfully be used in most outdoor environments to offer a lasting fix. Where drilling holes is unsafe or undesirable, such as on decorative surfaces, structural support pillars and protective coatings which will be compromised by a screw hole and allow water to ingress, stainless steel banding is the perfect alternative.

Object Fixing

In much the same way as with signs, stainless steel banding can be used to strongly affix other objects to ensure they are safe and reduce the intense labour necessitated by the use of traditional metal struts and threaded rods. The versatility of the product is made blatantly manifest in the number of items that it can secure in a range of industries - stainless steel banding is found securing and protecting traffic/train signals, electrical substations and an array of industrial equipment and machinery.

Cable Tying

The inconvenience, safety issues and unsightliness of disorganised wires and cables is instantly remedied with the use of stainless steel banding. Cables are bundled together before being simply and effectively held neatly and tightly together with the quick application of robust metal strapping. Unaffected by the weather, the banding continues to perform exceptionally, repelling the absorption of water and inhibiting the growth of bacteria and mould.

Check out our selection of stainless steel banding options here, which includes access to our in-house Bandfix collection of products along with items from the Tamtorque range. All products from our superlative portfolio of stainless steel fixings and fastenings are guaranteed to comply rigidly with all relevant health, safety and quality legislation so that you can buy with confidence from us, safe in the knowledge that our dedication to excellence extends throughout every level of our organisation.