There is still a full month of official autumn time to go but, with the weather that's been hitting the UK recently, it's easy to imagine that winter has arrived early this year! It's definitely time to batten down the hatches and, here at BS Fixings, we have a wide selection of steel fastenings and fixings designed to help YOU defeat the storms.

Fence 'U' Brackets

as well as providing that essential level of privacy and security, fences are also ideal for deflecting strong winds. No matter how robust the fence itself, it can only be as tough as the fixings that hold it in place and 'U' brackets from BS Fixings are designed to easily withstand anything the UK weather can throw at them. Made using quality galvanised steel, these brackets will strongly resist any corrosion caused by rainwater as well as keeping fence panels held securely in place against high winds. Sold in packs of four brackets, this product requires fixing with suitably-sized screws.

Stainless Steel Pozidrive Wood Screws

perhaps the most versatile fixing on the market, our stainless steel pozidrive wood screws can be used in all kinds of wood, whether soft, hard, MDF or chipboard. All standard sizes are available from BS Fixings and there are several different options when it comes to quantity. The pozidrive system uses a self-centering design to deliver accurate and effective drive control and the A2 grade stainless steel the screws are fabricated from ensures that they can withstand repeated torquing with a significant reduction in operator fatigue

Stainless Steel Nails

our stainless steel nails are of industry standard and, though primarily designed for use in constructing timber frames, are versatile enough to be used for a whole host of different applications in the garden and home. Grade 304 stainless steel is used to manufacture this product, which is sold by the kilo (approximately 250 standard-size nails). Next-day delivery is available.

stainless-steel-screws-woodscrew annul-ring-nail