The stainless steel material has recently been used to create several bespoke bicycles which were showcased at the 2015 North American Handmade Bicycle Show to great acclaim.

The Erembald bike is produced by Tobias Knockaert, an Industrial Designer from Belgium, along with partner Karel Vincke. State-of-the-art laser cutting technology enables the cycle to be produced piece by piece and fitted together like a jigsaw, keeping cost to a minimum.

Each Erembald is custom-made for an individual client - the bike’s seatpost and handlebar stem are made to fit the client exactly along with the interlocking laser-cut tubes. The laser is finally used to etch the client’s name onto the frame for the ultimate personalisation.

The laser-cutting technology showcased by the pair involved cutting a series of cellular-structure designs from each tube. This decreases the strength of the metal and so thicker-than-standard tubing has been used to compensate.

Six prototypes of the stainless steel cycle have been road tested for four months and have currently showed no sign of frame failure. Laboratory tests have shown that the stainless steel frames are 1.5 times more rigid than similar carbon fibre frames.

Want to get your hands on an Erembald? Be prepared to pay over €1,500 for one of the company’s limited edition single speed stainless steel bikes. Plans for the future involve creating a website where a user can simply enter their measurements before receiving an automatically laser-cut and assembled product.

Whether used for creating contemporary cycles, holding timber structures together, sign fixing or the catering industry, stainless steel remains one of the most important metals in the world today.

close-up-of-stainless-steel-bike stainless-steel-bike stainless-steel-bike-close-up

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