Protecting vital building components from damage or tampering is essential. One such component is the flue terminal and BS Fixings supply a comprehensive collection of flue terminal guards to ensure reliable, continued safety.

Building standards (BS5440-1:2008 (Section 9.2.10) require that a protective guard should be used to protect the flue terminal wherever people can come into contact with it. Such a guard must also be used whenever a flue terminal is fitted less than 2.1m above ground level, a balcony or flat roof to which people can gain access.

The standards also state that a flue terminal guard should be used for plume management kits where the inlet is less than 2m above ground level, a balcony or flat roof. Guards should be fitted so that no part of the guard is located less than 50mm from any of the terminal's parts.

Flue terminal guards, which can also be used to protect a variety of other components such as lights, clocks or alarms, are available from BS Fixings in a choice of 13 different sizes. Along with the guard itself, a complete fixing package is also supplied: this consists of four each of plugs, screws and washers. Fixing the guard is quick and simple, with fixing points clearly marked.

Flue terminal guards from BS Fixings are made using high-quality galvanised steel but stainless steel guards are available on request: get in touch with our team for more information.