Signs surround us every day, imparting necessary information such as directions and alerting us of safety hazards. They are particularly useful on doors but what is the best material to use to make such signs? You guessed it: stainless steel! BS Fixings now supply a comprehensive range of stainless steel door discs at our usual competitive price.

Doors are subject to a lot of wear and tear: check out this week's BS Fixings blog article for more on door protection. Any sign affixed to a door is likely to suffer the effects of heavy duty traffic as well so stainless steel, a material known for its robust strength, resistance to corrosion and general longevity, is the natural choice from which to make them.

Our stainless steel door discs are sold in packs of five, each pack costing just £10.99 exc. VAT. For your convenience, the two screws necessary to firmly attach each disc to any door are provided with every pack. The signs currently available are:

  • Toilets: Male, Female, Unisex, Disabled Access, W.C and Baby Change
  • Shower Symbol
  • Fire Door Symbols: Automatic, Keep Shut, Keep Locked
  • Push and Pull Signs

With a current lead time of 2-3 days on these products, our service is rapid and reliable.

If you would like more information then get directly in touch with our specialist team today