The bright, sparkling and colourful qualities of Christmas lights and decorations have a darker side. It is an unfortunate fact that hundreds of people find themselves in a hospital casualty department after attempting to put up such decorations and instead sustaining injuries. One way to make the job safer is to use sign fixing clamps, which are available on the BS Fixings website at the most competitive price.

BS Fixings are proud suppliers of sign fixing components from JCS, renowned manufacturers of the unique Tamtorque® system. Innovative, unique and super-safe, the system centres on Tamtorque® Sign Fixing Clamps, which are used to firmly secure items such as Christmas decorations to posts of any size and shape.

Tamtorque® Sign Fixing Clamps are designed to be quick and easy to use, delivering reliable, effective and professional results. The stainless steel coil used in the system is manufactured with a deburred, fully-rounded edge, improving safety levels and productivity at a stroke.

Though attaching and removing Tamtorque® Sign Fixing Clamps is easy, it can only be achieved using tools that are specifically designed to work with the system: this makes them extremely secure once attached and prevents any vandalism or theft. With the unique quality of being reusable, Tamtorque® Sign Fixing Clamps combine cost-effectiveness with environmental awareness.

Starting at £5.42 each (inc. VAT), Tamtorque® Sign Fixing Clamps represent excellent value for money. This price falls dramatically for larger orders, dropping to just £3.55 (inc. VAT) for orders of 100 or more units. All of the necessary ancillaries, such as buckles, power bits and tools can also be purchased from BS Fixings.

Find out more about Tamtorque® Sign Fixing Clamps and ancillary products on our website. Also, check out this week's news article for our easy 6-step guide to using this versatile product. Have a clampy Christmas!