The Tamtorque stainless steel sign banding system offers many benefits and lots of unique features designed to instantly secure a wide range of signs and other items to posts. So what makes Tamtorque so special?

Efficient & Easy

A recent blog post looked at how to use the Tamtorque sign banding system and broke the process down into simple steps. No other sign banding system is as simple to use as Tamtorque and you can even use a drill driver to further improve speed and efficiency.

Safe & Secure

Another unique feature of Tamtorque is its innovative tamper-resistant screw head which can only be adjusted using tools specific to the system. These tools, which include the T-Bar screwdriver and ratchet spanner, are manufactured exclusively by JCS Group to ensure maximum consistent security.

Remove & Reuse

One of the most impressive features of the Tamtorque stainless steel banding system is its ability to be reused, offering supreme cost-effectiveness. Stainless steel bends well and is extremely resistant to corrosion, so the same banding can be used many times over its lifespan.

Standard & Special

The standard range of Tamtorque sign fixing clamps is designed to fit the most common post sizes. For bespoke applications, we can supply the Multi-Tamtorque system - click here to go to the product page and view more.

We sell Tamtorque products online including the special tools to match. Our technical team is standing by to expertly answer any questions you may have about the efficient, multi-purpose stainless steel fixing solution. Buy online from BS Fixings today and join the Tamtorque revolution!

Here at BS Fixings, we are one of the largest stainless steel banding suppliers, amongst other products such as tying wire and wall ties! We invite you to browse our website to see what we stock!