BS Fixings is beginning to acquire something of a reputation for rubbing shoulders with artistic types, something that we feel adds a welcome touch to our tough, industrial appearance! We have always sung the praises of everyone’s favourite metal and often commented on its versatility. The stuff our artist friends are coming up with really shows this off. So, who is the new star in the gallery of fame?

Carol Macera started in the right place from an artistic point of view. Her mother was a talented artist who encouraged both Carol and her brother in their own artistic pursuits. Even Carol’s son was inspired by wire sculptures online and also looks set to join the artistic ranks of the family as he wants to make a stainless steel dragon for a project.

After seeing wire sculptures online, Carol was ‘amazed at how they had been created from something as everyday as wire’ and decided to get in touch with Robin Wight, who I'm sure you'll remember from our previous articles. Robin invited her to his home to see his work where she managed to buy a few coils of wire from him as she felt so inspired by it that she wanted to have a go for herself.

Starting with her own take on Robin’s fairy idea, Carol quickly found herself hooked. A whole menagerie of dogs, horses and other animals appeared from her deft fingertips as she sculpted our wire into unique pieces of art. This immediately drew attention from potential buyers. The wire given to her by Robin was very quickly used up therefore she turned to us directly to feed her habit! Her fairies and animals have been a big hit and she could barely keep up with demand over the Christmas period.

Carol said,”I just thoroughly enjoy creating forms from wire. The fact that other people appreciate them and want to own one is lovely. It's nice to know they are appreciated by others”. Encouraged by her husband, she set up a website in order to share her work with a wider audience and you can check it out at

We love Carol’s sculptures and we know you will too. For more info on the material she’s using, visit the stainless steel wire section of our website and for even more of Carol's work, check out the Serendipity wire Facebook page

horse-by-carol-macera angel-by-carol-macera