Proverbs are an intrinsic part of the way we use the English Language and there are thousands of them in existence. You should know to ‘never start a good job with bad tools’. If your project is falling apart, then you might become one of the ‘bad workers that blames their tools’. And everyone’s heard that ‘only fools use inferior tools’.

OK, so we made that last one up but it’s as true as the other two. When you’re looking to buy the right tools for the job, then BS Fixings is the place to come; we guarantee professional quality, competitive pricing and exceptional customer service. And three out of three ain't bad.

We are always trying to make our website more convenient and regularly update it as necessary. We’ve found that lots of our customers want to get straight to the tools and so we have created a brand new product category that groups them all together so you can spend less time shopping online and more time actually getting the job done.

One of our most popular tools is the Bandfix Tensioner and when you look at its many qualities, it isn't hard to see why so many of our customers own one.

Used for all stainless steel strapping and banding applications, the tensioner tool is your handy, versatile companion and it won’t let you down - guaranteed

You can use it with any of our Bandfix family of products and with galvanised or carbon steel band for such applications as cabling, metal insulation, packing, lagging and cladding.

Awkward space? No problem. The tool is extremely compact and lightweight as well as being windless so you can just stick it into your tool belt - it even incorporates a cutter and the hammer which is needed for the wing seals!

A full range of widths can be accommodated from 9mm (3/8") to 20mm (3/4") with a maximum thickness of 0.03" (0.76mm)

The entire thing weighs just 2kgs - you won’t believe it until you are holding it in your hands

A good grip is essential to make sure you can correctly affix banding and so the tensioner tool has got epoxy-coated handles in a smart black colouration

Prices are as competitive as ever - an amazing deal on an amazing tool that you will use again and again for many years.

Find the Tensioner in our new Tools category, along with several other quality products.

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