Did you make any New Years' resolutions for 2020? More importantly, have you stuck to them?! After the indulgence of Christmas, many people resolve to start living a more healthy lifestyle, with resolutions like stopping smoking, eating a more balanced diet and losing weight among the most popular.

Part of improving your lifestyle also involves improving your environment and so it's also an ideal time to begin a construction project such as building a home extension, a conservatory or even new garden boundaries. All of these projects involve connecting new masonry walls to old and this process requires the use of wall ties.

BS Fixings are proud suppliers of a comprehensive collection of wall ties. This product range includes our bestselling Wall Starter Kit, which contains everything you need to achieve a professional, lasting result.

Before wall ties became a common component in connecting masonry walls, a process known as 'toothing out' was employed. This involved removing alternate bricks from the existing wall, creating 'teeth' that could then be interlocked with the bricks or blocks of the new wall. As well as being an expensive, disruptive, time-consuming and labour-intensive process, 'toothing out' was also subject to a measure of unreliability: optimal results were compromised if the mortar bond between the old and new masonry was anything less than perfect.

Centering on tough, robust wall connectors made from high-quality stainless steel, the BS Fixings Wall Starter Kit is a cost-effective, reliable alternative. In addition to the wall ties, the kit contains all of the necessary connectors, plugs, screws and washers needed to connect a single-leaf wall measuring up to 2.4 metres.

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