It is lovely and sunny outside - so why not get out into your garden and get constructive and productive? It is raining and windy outside - but that never put off the keen and capable gardener and DIYer so why not get out into your garden and get constructive and productive? It is snowing outside so….

OK, you get the picture - we are just covering all our bases for this crazy summer! If you do get out into the garden, rain or shine, you can count on BS Fixings to provide you with lots of handy stuff to make absolutely certain that you get constructive and productive! A quick whistle-stop tour through our site will reveal just how much there is on our site that could make your outdoor experience an easier one, so begin to fill your basket now.

Tying Wire

Up. Down. Back. Away. Tight. Behind. Are we at a gym class? No, we are just telling you some of the ways you can tie things using our wire! Get a couple of rolls of this in your shed or garage and you will soon start discovering all sorts of things that need tying, that you hadn’t realised up until this point. Best take advantage of our low price and stock up.

Stainless Steel Nails and Screws

Another supremely versatile product - a staple of every DIYers kit, along with staples. Drive them into decking, fix up your fencing and stabilise your shed, all with complete peace-of-mind that you are working with a high-quality product manufactured to the most stringent standards and protocols.

Wire Balloons

While you’re outside, have a look up at your chimney and try to see it through the beady eyes of one of our feathered friends - looks cosy, right? If you were a pigeon, you would already be at Ikea buying the furniture and excitedly discussing the moving-in date over lukewarm balls of some undefined meat. A wire balloon has the same effect on a pigeon as a burned out-car on the driveway of a potential new house you were viewing - it says DON’T LIVE HERE.

Make your garden glorious with BS Fixings. Check out our Garden range here.