Rivets are one of the most versatile stainless steel fixings. No matter how high the quality of the rivets themselves, they are no good without a riveting tool of equally high quality; Goebel riveting tools are among the very best available on today's market and BS Fixings supply two of the company's most highly-regarded options.

Goebel riveting tools offer many advantages over lesser brands. Created by the best designers around, they provide the best in terms of quality, efficiency and safety. There are two types available from BS Fixings: the GO-755 Hand Rivet Tool and the GO-100 Battery-Powered Accu-Tool.

GO-755 Hand Rivet Tool

Ideal for smaller riveting projects, from DIY and boat-building to insulation and car repairs, the GO-755 Hand Rivet Tool from Goebel is the superlative example of its type. With a body made from quality aluminium and a tough, robust steel lever, this remarkable piece of riveting equipment features an easily-operated spring and nose-piece adapter. Priced at just £15.95 excluding VAT, the GO-755 offers extremely good value for money and carries the comprehensive Goebel guarantee of quality.

GO-100 Battery Powered Accu-Tool

Accurate, powerful and consistent, the GO-100 battery-powered riveting tool from Goebel is designed for the professional. With no wire to get in your way and a long-lasting charge, the tool allows the user to work quickly and efficiently with little downtime. Broken rivet mandrels are automatically stored in an integral section, which can be emptied in a single motion with just a twist of the cap. Included with the gun is a battert and charger, as well as a smart, tough carrying case. Check out our video to see just how simple and effective this Goebel riveting tool really is.