Wall ties are used in many different types of structure and there are several types to suit each particular application. BS Fixings supply a comprehensive range of these crucial connectors, including Timber Frame Ties.

Timber has been used in construction for millennia and shows no signs of losing popularity. It is a particularly popular material for creating the inner frame of a structure, which is then covered by a masonry 'skin'. To complete the structure, this outer skin must be secured to the inner timber frame.

Masonry and timber are clearly very different materials with very different properties and so attaching them together can present challenges. One of the biggest such challenges is the need to accommodate any natural movement between the two materials. Admirably meeting this challenge is the Timber Frame Tie, which is designed to absorb any such movement, delivering a reliable, lasting solution.

Safe to use in buildings of up to four storeys in height, Timber Frame Ties from BS Fixings have undergone intensive testing to ensure they are fit for purpose. Results of these tests show that our Timber Frame Ties meet or exceed all specifications set out in the BS EN 845-1 standard and are of Type B (sound) and Type 6 (strength).

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