The vocabulary of heavy industry is, by its very nature, replete with weighty words to describe the many various processes and materials. One word that fits perfectly into this category is one that is used to describe gods, goddesses and giants: that word is ‘mighty’. If something is described as mighty, then it has got a pretty big reputation to live up to.. Do springs make the grade?

Well yes, as a matter of fact they do. They don’t have god- or goddess-like powers and nor are they particularly giant but these crucial components are still capable of handling quite a lot of rough treatment while remaining reliable and optimally functional. They are so mighty that they have even been nonchalant enough to spell the name THEIR way: you’re just as likely to see them under the name ‘mity’ springs.

As well as mighty/mity, they’re also pretty cool characters and are sometimes known as ‘chil’ or ‘breather’ springs. The names continue with their technical moniker, which is ‘compression springs’ but they don't like to be called that because it’s not hip. Still, compression is what they’re designed for and they’re not shy about performing.

The major use of compression… sorry, MITY springs, is in conjunction with stainless steel banding and wing seals, where they affix to the banding and apply compression force to insulation, holding it firmly in place on vessels, pipes, tanks and other related equipment. Here come the numbers:

  • Type 304, 302, and 316 stainless steel is used in manufacture
  • Standard mity springs deliver a massive 78lbs of pressure psi
  • Most standard strapping widths up to 19mm can be used
  • You can quickly obtain high-quality mity springs from BS Fixings starting at just £9.00 each exclusive of VAT

From domestic insulation systems to huge oil and gas applications, many of our most vital services rely on the continued support of mity springs, meaning that they have truly earned their title.