At BS Fixings, we're privileged to play a part in some extraordinary projects. Over the years we've had the pleasure of supplying materials to a wide array of industries and artists, each with their unique requirements and vision. One such artist we've recently worked with is Yvonne Booth, an exceptionally talented wire artist whose work has impressed us with its blend of precision, creativity, and elegance.

Yvonne's journey with us began when she approached our team seeking advice on the best sculpting wire for her art. As an artist, Yvonne needed the perfect balance of durability, corrosion resistance, and finish in the wire she uses to give her sculptures their stunning, lifelike quality. Our experts provided her with a selection of images, which showed the wire's finish such as brightness/dullness. Following on from this, our team advised grade 316 would be suitable for sculptures in coastal areas, and grade 304 wires for her other projects. This process allowed Yvonne to select a wire that would not just be fit for purpose but also aligns perfectly with her artistic style and the aesthetic of her sculptures. In the end, Yvonne acquired grade 304 in 0.6mm, 0.8mm, 1.0mm, and 1.6mm.

Find below a few images of Yvonne’s beautiful wire sculpture!

Yvonne booth 'joy' sculpture front facing

yvonne booth 'joy' sculpture back facingYvonne booth 'joy' sculpture from the side








“I’ve dabbled in art since childhood – I’m 54 now - but I’ve never found a medium that has held my interest, the only constant has been this figure; I’ve been drawing and painting her since I was thirteen; I couldn’t explain why and although the emotion she described seemed familiar, I couldn’t quite put my finger on it. About three years ago I started making wire-wrapped crystal pendants, I eventually lost interest in that, but I really enjoyed working with wire, so I looked for other ideas, came across Robin Wright and his fairies and thought I’d give sculpting a go. I naturally went straight to my usual subject and as soon as I curled the first strand of hair, I realised that the emotion was joy and the restless feeling I’ve had all my life while trying (and failing) to find my creative outlet disappeared. I made six different sizes in copper wire before deciding to try stainless steel - which I had expected to be more difficult to work with - I found your site and knew I was on the right track when I realised you supply the wire for Robin’s fairies. I’ve really enjoyed sculpting with steel wire and although it is a bit trickier than copper, it holds its shape really well in the early stages which makes it less frustrating to sculpt with. I’m going to make a few more of the “Joy” figure in different sizes then move on to another design I have in mind, and I look forward to creating with your wire for many years to come” – Yvonne Booth to BS Fixings

Yvonne is just one of the many talented individuals we've been fortunate to work with at BS Fixings. Her story serves as a testament to our commitment to understanding our customers' needs and offering expert advice – we are over the moon that we helped bring her vision to life!

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