This November, the team at BS Fixings had the exciting opportunity to attend the London Build Expo 2023 at Olympia London. The event, held on Wednesday the 15th of November, was a great opportunity for us to gather with the brightest minds and innovative businesses in the construction sector.

From the moment we stepped into the expo, we were surrounded by a buzz of creativity and forward-thinking. The expo was a showcase of new products and building methods that are set to redefine the construction landscape. We were particularly captivated by the emphasis on responsible, greener construction practices. Witnessing the industry’s shift towards environmentally friendly materials reinforced our dedication to contributing to a smaller global carbon footprint.

Networking is crucial in our industry, and the expo didn’t disappoint! We had the unique opportunity to meet and exchange ideas with buyers from some of the UK’s largest construction companies. These interactions weren’t just about forming business connections – they were about building relationships that foster collaboration and innovation.

Rob playing golf    London Expo

The event was not all business, though. It was filled with moments of light-hearted fun, reminiscent of our colleague Rob’s humorous attempts at golf, which we jokingly concluded were ‘below par’. This blend of professional insights and personal interactions made the expo a brilliant experience.

Amidst the flurry of activities, from captivating conferences to unexpected encounters with birds of prey (which you can see in the pictures below), the expo was a whirlwind of excitement and learning. Each conversation, each presentation, brought new insights and ideas that we are eager to explore further.

London Expo talk     Rob at London Expo

As we reflect on our time at the London Build Expo 2023, we’re filled with inspiration and enthusiasm for what the future holds. The event was not just an opportunity to learn and grow, but also a reminder of our role in shaping a sustainable and innovative future in construction.

We returned to BS Fixings invigorated, ready to implement the valuable knowledge and ideas we gathered. Our experience at the expo will undoubtedly influence our approach as we continue to provide high-quality building materials and services to our customers.

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