On Saturday 30th July, members of both the BS Fixings and BS Stainless teams got together to complete the grueling Tough Mudder course in Skipton. The route consists of a 15-kilometre run and 30 different obstacles to overcome, which includes a lot of (you guessed it) mud!


With no competition and no timing, it is just you, your teammates, and muddy strangers working together to conquer the course and earn the world-famous orange headband.


The course consists of lots of different obstacles such as:

  • Mudderhorn - the tallest obstacle to ever be erected on an obstacle course, standing around 3 stories tall!
  • The Mud Mile - a Tough Mudder staple! Loads of deep, sloppy mud that are carefully sculpted into rolling mounds, deep trenches and higher hills!
  • Kiss of Mud - where you have to navigate through less than 18” of barbed wire clearance in an army crawl motion through uneven, muddy surfaces.
  • Hero Walls - these 10 feet tall walls require help from someone around you to get up and over, stranger or friend!
  • Cry Baby - where you crawl into a smoky cloud in a chamber that tests your ocular training!


It was a great time for all the team members, building experiences we won’t forget. We cannot wait for future Tough Mudder events!


See a few more images of our day out below…