At BS Fixings, we continuously keep on top of our product catalogue by updating the range with new supplies and product designs. By doing this, our website is never outdated, and it also means our customers can purchase items with the latest features, to always deliver outstanding and professional results. Whether you’re a DIY enthusiast or a construction worker with many years of experience, we stock an extensive range of fixing and fastening materials that will come in handy for everyone!

One of our most popular categories is our clout nail selection, which includes items manufactured by our partner company, BS Stainless. The Bandfix range contains a wide variety of products which are manufactured in-house using high-quality stainless steel. With both the BS Fixings and BS Stainless knowledge and expertise combined, we can ensure our customers only receive top-quality materials at the best trade prices.

So, what are clout nails?

Clout nails, also known as roofing nails, are predominantly used to tack roofing materials in place, for example, roofing felt or slate. They look similar to a traditional nail, however, they are designed with a larger flat head to cover a greater surface area, to ensure the material stays in position. Due to their shape, they are popular for a range of woodwork construction projects too.

On our website we now stock:

Galvanised vs Copper

When it comes to the nail material, stainless steel and copper are the two most common choices. Galvanised stainless steel and copper both have excellent resistance to corrosion and are incredibly durable, making them suitable for interior and exterior usage. Especially for roofing structures, it is highly important that the nails hold up against all weather conditions. Both of these perform to an equally high standard, however, copper clout nails are slightly easier to remove. Especially in roof replacing instances, or where slate is more prone to damage, copper nails can simply be removed and re-entered for ease of use.

The standard-sized clout nails are suitable for all roofing and construction tasks, but if you require a stronger hold, the larger heads will be more effective. Another feature to consider is the length and width of the nail shaft, which will need to correlate to the thickness of the material you’re fixing.

Our regular galvanised nails are available in lengths of 30mm and 40mm, with a width of 2.65mm. The XL head variation is stocked in the same length sizes but with a width of 3mm.

The regular copper nails are offered with the same width sizes as the galvanised nails, but with lengths of 30mm and 38mm, whilst the large head is available in lengths of 35mm and 38mm at a width of 3.35mm.

Please feel free to browse our catalogue of Bandfix clout nails on our website today! They are sold in 1kg boxes so you can complete your task no matter how big or small. If you require more information about these nails or the fixing and fastening supplies we stock, call us on 03330 117818 or email