In a recent development that has major implications for the UK’s construction and roofing industries, the National Federation of Roofing Contractors (NFRC) in collaboration with Glenigan, released the findings of their Q4 2024 ‘State of the Roofing Industry’ survey. This survey sheds light on the current challenges and opportunities within the roofing sector, sending a clear message to UK politicians to act urgently on the addressed issues.

The survey underscores a pressing need for policy reform and support within the roofing industry. With an emphasis on sustainable practices, the survey results reveal an industry at crossroads, facing both skilled labour shortages and the urgent necessity for eco-friendly materials and methods. It highlights a concerning trend of late payments, with less than a third of respondents receiving payments within thirty-day terms. This persistent issue stresses the necessity for improved business payment practices to support the financial stability of roofing contractors. Additionally, the survey points to a promising increase in workload, particularly in the public non-residential repair, maintenance, and improvement (RM&I) sector, with 33% of firms anticipating growth. However, the lack of clarity in the recent spring budget poses potential risks to this positive outlook.

Key concerns include the need for better training programmes to address the skilled labour gap and incentives to encourage the adoption of green technologies and materials. Fortunately, the survey highlights employment opportunities across both pitched and flat roofing sectors. Efforts to improve the sector’s image and professionalism are essential for attracting new talent and addressing the skills gap, particularly in areas such as solar PV, rainwater management, and living roofs. Sustainability in procurement emerges as another key focus, addressing the industry's commitment to environmental responsibility.

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