Winter has, once again, seemed to drag on for far too long but spring is just around the corner so don't despair! Humans aren't the only ones looking forward to an end to the cold season; birds will also be grateful and will be getting ready to make nests for their young. And they could have their eyes on YOUR chimney...

Birds nesting in the chimney can cause all sorts of issues, all of them costly and inconvenient to repair and some even dangerous to health. Preventing these problems from occurring is made easy with the quick, simple installation of a galvanised wire balloon.

Wire balloons, also known as chimney balloons, balloon guards or bird cowls, are made from galvanised steel, well known for its durable qualities. The metal strongly resists corrosion and so, once properly installed, will continue to give effective, maintenance-free service whatever the weather.

Galvanised wire balloons from BS Fixings are a humane way to prevent birds from entering chimneys and building nests there. Their effectiveness is guaranteed by CE approval and, as with all of the products from our range, you can be sure that you're getting the most competitive price around.

Installing a wire balloon into a chimney is easy and can be completed in minutes. The metal can easily be bent into shape to fit any size and shape of chimney, offering immediate and lasting protection.