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To make life easier for our customers, we have now introduced extra pages to our site, named 'Resources'. These pages may give you extra guidance when finding exactly what you require.

This could be from screw types or sizes, to the weight of the metal you are in need of! Step by step guides and videos are also available to guide you the correct way when purchasing the products you need.

The Metal Weight CalculatorThe Metal Weight Calculator is easy to use and gives an accurate result due to the figures you enter. You can see exactly how much metal you would need and how much you would receive. The calculator is set to process the weight, given in kilograms and for round metal only.

The Screw Head TypesThe Screw Head Types guide is a brief summary of each head type that we have available here at BS Fixings. This includes general information such as how each one looks and what they are to be used for/with. Do you always know what screw you need for the job you are doing?

Our Screw Sizes ChartOur Screw Sizes Chart gives you the chance to find the exact screw you need for the job. This chart shows the size of the screws in both millimetres and the imperial size in inches. All you need for locating the correct size screw!

Gallery is basically where our products have been used by our customers. This includes images of our tying wire to be used for some fantastic sculpting.

Guidance videos help you understand our products and he way they work. These are usually step by step guides on how to use them and their end product.

Downloads and Guides include: brochures, data sheets and certificates for a number of our products. These are easily accessible via PDF.

The Glossary of TermsThe Glossary of Terms page is very self-explanatory in that words and phrases in which you may not quite understand are defined on this page. This can help when finding the correct tools for the job!


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