• Zinc Plated

    Steel tends to rust so you will not get bare steel fasteners.

    Zinc is the most common covering however, cannot always cope with outdoor conditions.

  • Galvanised

    This provides the best protection next to stainless steel and is great for outdoor use.
  • Stainless steel and Aluminium

    These materials form a very tough layer of oxide when in contact with oxygen therefore are resistant to corrosion.
  • Pozi-drive

    Similar to the Phillips cross head type however, with four additional wedges therefore has eight flanks therefor provides a faster drive and higher torque.
  • Self-tapping

    This type of screw can tap it's own hole as it is being driven into it.
  • Countersunk

    This is to enlarge a cavity to then recieve the cone shaped head of the screw/bolt.
  • Pan head

    Round or flat surface, Phillips torques or square pan heads have their tops rounded with cylindrical sides and a flat surface.
  • Socket cap

    A threaded screw which is screwed into a tapped hole which is used often for machine parts.
  • Corrosion resistant

    If something is corrsosion resistant, this means that it may cope well in harsh environments such as by the sea for example.

    This implies that it will be much harder for the material to rust.