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Goebel A2/A2 Domed Head

Domed Head Blind Rivets AISI 304/AISI 304
  • from £22.16

Goebel A4/A4 Domed Head

Domed Head Blind Rivets AISI 316/AISI 316
  • from £42.23

Goebel ST/ST Domed Head

Domed Head Blind Rivet. Steel zinc plated rivet body and steel zinc plated mandrel. Size and grip range guide attached. Packed in various sizes dependant on rivet size. These rivets are also known as POP rivets.
  • from £9.35
Rating: 5.0 of 5

Goebel AL/ST Domed Head

Domed Head Blind Rivets AL/ST
  • from £6.20

Goebel Waterproof Rivets

500 items per pack.
  • £305.00

Silicone Caulking Gun by Goebel for 310ml cartridges

High quality silicone caulking gun for 310ml cartridges
  • £17.00

Small Toggle 1/60 F AISI 304 Locking Spring

Perfect for usage with many different boxes/cases such as chests and travel cases.
  • from £68.00

Coil Mesh 20 metre rolls

Coil Mesh available in both stainless steel and galvanised steel. Various sizes available.
  • from £4.20

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