Regular readers of our blog will no doubt remember Candice Bees. A talented and innovative artist who creates sculptures of the natural world using stainless steel wire, Candice was recently commissioned by our parent company BS Stainless to create a life-sized wolf using the material; we took the finished product with us to a recent international trade fair where it was a major talking point.

Candice shows very clearly with her art that she has impressive technical ability. The genius part comes in with her choice of subjects, which are all from the natural world; creating an essence of life using such an industrial material is an exciting and visually-successful combination, achieved repeatedly by Candice.

Three of our favourite current pieces are:

  • Jumping Horse.
    Though obviously a static structure, this remarkable sculpture is so meticulously rendered that it captures perfectly the graceful yet powerful movement of a horse leaping.
  • Baby Dragon.
    Yes, we all know dragons don't really exist, but with Candice's skillful manipulation of galvanised steel wire, you might doubt it for a moment! The addition of glass eyes gives a touch of unnerving realism to this fantasy creation.
  • Rattus Rattus.
    Candice finds beauty in all living creatures and her work reflects this. The rat has a pretty bad reputation, most of it wholly undeserved, so it is refreshing to see the work of an artist that can clearly look beyond the ordinary to create something extraordinary.

Take a look at our sculpting wire today!