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Stainless Steel Chicken Wire Mesh

304 grade stainless steel wire mesh
  • from £280.00

Galvanised Tying Wire (25 Kg Coil)

Highly durable and flexible galvanised wire. Approx Length: 1585m
  • from £36.00
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To see exactly how much metal you need and how much you will receive, check out the metal weight calculator. 

We pride ourselves on the quality of our wire and have an extensive knowledge in this field. All our wire products can be supplied to you on a next day courier service.

BS Fixings have split the wire products we sell online into three main sections Tying & Lacing Wire, Welding Wire and Sculpting Wire

Tying and Lacing Wire

Tying/Lacing Wire can be used for a wide variety of applications it is soft and malleable so can be bent, twisted and tied. Typical applications are for insulation, re-bar, fencing, cables, hangers, garden work and general tying applications were a good quality durable wire is required.

We sell this in a number of thicknesses, grades and weights.

Current products we sell in this category are:

  • Galvanised Tying/Lacing Wire
  • Stainless Steel 304 Tying/Lacing Wire
  • Stainless Steel 316 Tying/Lacing Wire

We sell stainless steel tying wire in grade 304 and grade 316. Grade 304 is the most popular grade of stainless steel it is an ideal grade for everyday applications, easy to form and long lasting.

Grade 316 stainless steel lacing wire is useful for when extra corrosion protection is needed. Often used in marine environments.

Galvanised tying wire is a cheaper alternative to stainless steel and is useful for when the extra corrosion resistance isn’t needed. We supply these in lighter 0.5kg coils.

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