It’s that time of the year when trees become orange and brown, and the leaves start to fall. Although the switch in seasons can produce beautiful autumnal colours, there is one problem that faces many of us all, and that is blocked-up gutters! When leaves fall, they tend to accumulate everywhere and anywhere, and a common area in which they end up is in your gutters. Although this might seem like a relatively small issue, a blocked gutter can cause many problems.

Some common problems that might occur are:

Moss Formation

When water gets lodged in your gutter with leaves and twigs, there is a higher probability of moss and algae growth. Moss and algae can spread at a rapid rate, causing unpleasant aromas and unattractive sights at your home or premises.

Rotting Fascias and Soffits

If your gutter gets blocked with leaves and other organic matter, water cannot drain properly and it will begin to overflow. A surplus amount of water may cause your fascias to rot, and the weight of the liquid will put your gutter at risk of collapse.


Particularly in winter, if a large amount of water freezes in your gutter, a gap can appear between the roof and shingles. Once the water has thawed, the gap will remain in place, which will allow more water to enter your property.

Pest Infestations

Pests are something that you might not have thought about when protecting your gutter, as they seems pretty unlikely to trouble you. However, stagnant water filled with decaying leaves and twigs is the prime attraction for unwelcomed insects and even rodents.

Slip Hazards

A blocked gutter not only causes issues up top but also on the ground. If water overflows and seeps down onto the floor below, there is a higher risk of slip hazards.


If you have noticed that your cellar or basement has started to flood, you may need to check your gutters. One of the most common causes of a flooded basement is from a blocked gutter, where water has escaped and run off into your building.

Damaged Driveways

A clogged gutter will not only damage your building but the surrounding areas too! In extreme cases where water overflows, your driveway can become flooded, which can lead to sagging areas that may become cracked and damaged over time. This will pose slip and trip risks to yourself and uneven ground for your vehicles too.

Penetrating Damp

If your building is made out of porous materials, excess gutter water can absorb into the interior of your property. This can cause damage to your interiors, both visually and structurally, as well as attract mould.

Maintaining and protecting your guttering is important for anyone who wants to keep their building and grounds intact, and we have the solution for you! Here at BS Fixings, we stock an extensive range of home and garden products, to ensure your premises is kept in top-notch condition.

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‘Great product that did the job. I bought these gutter guards to stop a build-up of moss and leaves after I’d had new gutters put in. They’ve been in 6 months and I’ve had no issues.’

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