Have you been having any problems with birds on your property or business grounds? You are not alone! Damage to property from birds causes millions of pounds in damages a year, whether it be due to nesting or excrement. In this blog, we are going to discuss common issues that birds leave us, offering some solutions to help prevent bad situations arising because of them.


Bird business

First, let’s talk about the obvious: bird excrement. It is a very common problem due to birds not being the most considerate where they choose to do their business, however, it is not just the fact it is unsightly that makes excrement wanted.  A lot of a bird’s diet, specifically pigeons, consists of foods that are high in acid combined with high levels of uric acid in their droppings. If the business that they do was to get on your car, it has the potential to make paintwork dissolve! With more and more integration of car parking in inner-city office space, this issue is going to only grow if not addressed.


Moreover, aesthetic displeasure is not the only downside to the mess again because this same excrement of high acidity can also dissolve stone, metal, and paint in buildings! It has been known for droppings to shorten the life of warehouse roofs due to constant acid erosion. Building damage caused can also result in water leaks which lead to a multitude of their own issues like flooding and damp which snowball the problem way past the point where it needs to be.


Bird nesting

Common birds, such as pigeons, love to nest anywhere with a state of shelter and seclusion. This is all well and good until it is in your business’ ventilation chimney or your home’s guttering. Nesting causes lots of drainage blocking which overflows the system into roofs and down the outside surface of buildings, with damages usually not being too noticeable until they are at a dramatic level.


Having nests in your ventilation system is, of course, really bad. Fumes from heating systems do not get the correct space to disperse efficiently which puts people at risk of illness (or even fatality) where carbon monoxide, amongst other harmful gasses, get trapped.


Fires because of nesting

The materials birds use for their nests are usually susceptible to fire and are actually a common cause of building fires. This is for all sorts of reasons, such as people not being too vigilant about smoking material disposal, to birds building their nests too close to electrics.


Here at BS Fixings, we understand how damaging birds can be and we want to offer you some preventative options, so you and your business can avoid any issues as best as you can. We have a whole range of humane, highly effective, and easy-to-use bird prevention products. Here are a few of the options on our website:


Our 1 metre pack of narrow steel bird prevention spikes are an excellent way to deter any common birds from choosing your buildings to roost. Made of high-quality 304-grade stainless steel pins, they ensure no rusting, so you do not need to worry about any falters in quality and efficiency. These spikes have been tested on ledges with depths of 1 to 4 inches, proven to stand against even the heaviest bird infestations.


If you feel like spikes are a bit too harsh as a preventative measure, we do have Bird Free Gel discs which work by birds seeing the ultraviolet light on them and thinking it is fire, which they naturally want to avoid. The visual deterrence of the disc is matched with selected natural foods which are detestable to a common bird’s sense of smell. Birds will completely desert the area, even if it has been their habitat for years, once these discs have been applied.


If you have found that a bird has used your car or property for a bathroom, you can easily clean this mess and be rid of the bird-specific diseases left behind with our Bird Droppings Disinfectant Spray, formulated specifically for cleaning bird excrement. Before installing any spikes, the area of where they are being placed could benefit by being treated with this spray.


We hope you leave this blog feeling more educated on the nuisance birds can be and gained knowledge on what remedies there are. If you would like to browse more of our Bird Preventatives Products, follow the link.