It is that time of year again when we all start to spend more time outside. The weather is getting warmer, the lockdown restrictions are being slowly lifted and we want to catch those early summer rays. It is the time of year when we start to notice the wildlife around us, both the good and the bad.

Now we all (well, most of us) love our feathered friends and we would never do anything to harm them, but sometimes the consequences of their day-to-day living can be a nuisance. We are talking about bird poop here! Mainly pigeons and seagulls but any large bird can certainly make a significant splatter. This is not usually a problem unless many of them start to congregate in their same favourite place or perch day after day. This is when it can alter from a simple act of nature to more of a potential annoyance and health issue. Bird guano (poop) can be a serious risk to our health, plus it can damage building structures, is unsightly, and can start to smell if not removed.

Not to worry, we don’t expect you to start shooing them away with a broom each day! Prevention is far more cost effective than trying to remove the poop once it has built up. A quick bit of research indicated that the cost of a clean-up starts at £350 with most specialist contractors, and we assume there is no upper limit to this cost if not dealt with.

We have some every-day simple products that will solve this for you. We are talking about the good old simple bird prevention spikes.  Our bird prevention spikes protect ledges, roofs, and chimneys from large birds, such as seagulls and pigeons. They are remarkably easy to install, and we recommend using our bird spike fixing silicone which is a specially formulated glue designed to use with bird spikes and pigeon control spikes.  It is used to attach the base of the spike strips to the ledge for a quick and permanent fix.

If it is too late (the birds have done their thing) we stock a specialist cleaner, bird droppings disinfectant spray. It is specifically formulated to help clean and remove bird and pigeon droppings. This is useful prior to the installation of bird prevention spikes. This product is designed to make the cleaning of ledges or windowsills quicker and easier. To install bird prevention spikes, the surfaces and ledges must be clean to ensure a firm fix when the bases of the spikes are glued down. This product provides the added benefit of disinfecting the area and killing off the dangerous bacteria lurking in bird droppings that can cause all kinds of health issues.

We should all be enjoying our summer, so if birds are causing you a problem, check out our full range here or contact us