For centuries, rivets have been allowing human invention and imagination to reach ever higher and further. Though small and unassuming, the components are crucial to many thousands of applications, from building skyscrapers and ships to making vehicles and renovating homes.

A rivet is a fastener that is used to provide a strong, secure hold between two plates. The word ‘plate’ here refers to any flat piece of material whatever it is made from, whether metal, wood or plastic and of whatever size. Rivets themselves are therefore available in many different sizes and styles to suit the required application. It is because they are so good at their job of securing things into place that the word ‘riveting’ has entered the language to mean you are pinned into place by boredom!

Joining two plates of material is a process that must be carefully considered, particularly with regard to their varying thickness. Getting the right size of rivet is crucial to a successful end result and we are always available here at BS Fixings to help navigate you through our selection. However demanding the environment is and whatever the details, Goebel rivets are guaranteed to offer the most professional performance.

Before the invention of the rivet gun, joining two plates securely was difficult and took a lot of time. The rivet gun was designed to offer a fast, efficient and accurate way to secure rivets in place, allowing a wide variety of projects to progress faster and more effectively than ever before. BS Fixings are proud suppliers of the GO-100 rivet gun, which will make sure you get the job done right, every time. You can also do it the old fashioned way with a hand rivet tool, also from Goebel.

Whatever type of rivet you need, we along with Goebel have got you covered. And, if you know you need a rivet but aren’t sure what type, then you can get all the information you need from our experts by giving us a call. You can also connect with us via social media or email and, to stay up to date with all of the latest riveting updates from BS Fixings, why not subscribe to our newsletter?