Stainless steel tying and sculpting wire - the possibilities are endless!

Our stainless steel tying wire is a traditional, industrial product used for applications such as fencing, cables, hangers, horticultural work, and general tying applications where a good quality durable, corrosion resistant wire is required. It is soft and malleable making it easy to twist, bend and tie which has opened up endless possibilities for its creative use.

When our buying department first added tying wire to our list of stainless steel products, we knew it would be a good seller amongst our trade, maintenance, and construction clients, but what we didn’t fully appreciate at the time was the volume of sales amongst sculptors and artists and the different creative applications our customers have found for this core product.

Some of our impressive customers

Two of our customers have certainly made fantastic use out of sculpting wire, Candice Bees and Robin Wight.

Candice is an exciting award-winning artist who has now taken up sculpture to portray animals of all shapes and sizes, using wire as her chosen medium. Her love of animals, accompanied by a sound understanding of anatomy and movement has resulted in Candice using her artistic skills to express animal's motions and interactions that are amazingly captured in her wire sculptures.

Candice has exhibited her work twice at the Society of Equestrian Artist's annual show at the Mall Galleries. She's also exhibited at the Society of Wildlife Artist’s annual exhibition, and at the David Shepherd Wildlife Artist of the Year exhibition, where Candice won the Urban Wildlife category for her work ‘Unnatural Selection’.

Robin Wight, is the artist who creates wire fairies and founded FantasyWire. Robin was born in 1960 and is the son of an engineer. He's always been creative and first mastered pencil drawing at school. He still enjoys it, but switched to using wire in recent years. Art and engineering have meant that throughout his life he has created all manner of things using all sorts of materials.

Fancy having a go at wire sculpting?

If you fancy trying your hand at wire sculpting, check out Robin and Candice’s websites for inspiration. You can then buy the same sculpting wire they use from us here at BS Fixings. We have both galvanised and stainless steel sculpting wire. Grade 304 stainless steel is highly resistant to corrosion due to the chromium added to the material. This grade wire also shows good resistance to wear and tear. Stainless steel wire is more expensive than galvanised steel but is a good investment. Grade 316 wire is perfect for outdoor usage due to its extremely corrosion-resistant features. This is the most expensive wire we sell but will last the longest.

Our wire is perfect when it comes to sculpting. It's soft and malleable so that the wire is easy to mould into place using just your hands. We do not offer higher thicknesses of wire in these quantities because they are difficult to bend.