Our news feature this week focuses on the revolutionary GO-100 rivet gun from Goebel. To complement our specially-made video, here is the BS Fixings step-by-step guide on using this remarkable tool.

  1. Drilling. The first step involves drilling holes in the pieces of material which are to be joined together. It is essential that these two holes are of the same size and are aligned with one another.
  2. Loading. The correct head for the rivet gun must now be selected, according to the size of the rivet you will be using. Attaching the head is simple and takes only a few seconds.
  3. Operating. Align the rivet gun with the two holes that were drilled in step 1. Depress the trigger for a few seconds and the rivet will be deployed into position.
  4. Emptying. The GO-100 features a large integral section into which broken mandrels will be discharged. This is found at the back of the gun and is sealed with a cap which is removed by a simple twist, allowing broken mandrels to be emptied out and disposed of.

Et voila! That's how simple it is. Rivets are such a versatile stainless steel fastening that they can be used for any number of applications, including guttering, sign construction, vehicle manufacture, attaching door furniture and many, many more. Check out our video today.