There are lots of different ways you can damage your hands at work, which is why the conversation around wearing safety gloves is so important. This is because even things such as small cuts can lead to infections, which in turn can lead to lost workdays and potential serious health problems.


When working in industries such as construction or automation (and more!), health hazards are everywhere, so taking consideration when finding gloves to match the rest of your PPE is a vital choice to protect yourself.


To list a few common hazards:

  • Cuts, punctures, and abrasions
  • Electric shocks
  • Chemical burns
  • Frostbite
  • Vibration damage to nerves


We have touched on the risks of cuts on the hands, but let’s talk about the others too. Electric shocks (when not deadly) can be really harmful to the hands, leaving burns that you cannot ignore due to how much you actually use your hands, and if the burn is severe, it can result in a damaged muscle and maybe at risk of amputation.


Chemical burns are an obvious, very serious issue. Chemical burns will leave you with nasty blisters and a throbbing swelling of the hand; some burns may go through the skin layer and damage tissue underneath.


Frostbite is no doubt a horrible feeling, starting off as a humble tingling sensation leading to loss of feeling in your fingertips. This is nothing a working person needs, more so if it leads to fingers and hands needing amputating!


Lastly, vibrations have the ability to give you sensory nerve damage. There are some early signs, such as tingling, that come and go. More severe cases can lead to things such as permanent numbness, which is a scary thought!


Keeping your hands gloved, especially in a workplace, is vital to keep their function as optimal as possible; no one wants permanently damaged hands! (We stock a few different types of work gloves to suit your workplace needs here in our online store.)


To help you make a choice, let’s discuss some of your options!


First, let’s talk about our TrueTouch PU Coated Work Gloves. Made of a breathable, seamless liner with a polyurethane coating, your hands are protected. These gloves provide a comfortable fit and are ideal for precise operations where detailed assembly or handling of small sparts is required. Also noted to have high grip with fingertip sensitivity, you can achieve maximum dexterity of the hand without faltering in efficiency.


Next, we would like to highlight the TrueTouch Hydropel Gloves. With outdoor conditions in mind, these touch flexible PVC gloves are lightly covered in oil to promote hand flexibility. These gloves are also seamless to promote an added level of comfort to combat hand fatigue. Perfect for those working in airport baggage handling, forklift driving, material handling, and engineering.


For those in agriculture, these gloves are for you. The TrueTouch Super Grip Latex Palm Coated Gloves are ideal for both wet and dry conditions. With natural rubber from the palm to the fingers, they have great protection against tears and abrasions. Also ideal for those in timber work, concrete work, maintenance, and construction.


Here at BS Fixings, we understand the absolute importance of keeping your hands as safe as possible whilst you are at work or just doing some handy work around your property, so we also manufacture a number of other products, including Stainless Steel Safe Edge Banding with the safety of your hands in mind.


We really hope you enjoyed reading this blog post, finding it informative and giving you an idea of what type of gloves we stock. We invite you to browse our website, more specifically our glove range!