Here at BS Fixings, one of our most popular product categories is our banding range, including stainless steel banding, clips, buckles, and of course, the banding tools! Banding tools are crucial pieces of equipment that ensure your banding tasks are easily completed to a high standard. Without the correct tool, your banding could end up being untidy and ineffective. On our website, we have four Bandfix® banding tools readily available to purchase, all of which are made out of durable materials, and designed with the end user in mind.

BS Stainless (our parent company) created the Bandfix® range, to supply our customers with top-quality stainless steel materials and tools. You can rest assured that you will receive products that are robust, functional, and reliable. If you are on the hunt for a new tool to complete your banding task, our range may be of use to you!

1.    Bandfix® Banding Tool

The standard Bandfix® Banding Tool is one of our most popular products within the range, as it is effective and easy to use. This tool is also known as the ‘Whirley Bird’, as it tightens the banding using a spinning/‘whirley’ motion. It can be used for a variety of banding projects, including signage, securing cables, insulation, and more. No matter if you have a small or large task to complete, the Bandfix® Banding Tool will ensure you achieve a high-quality finish.

This product is compatible with both our Bandfix® Sign Banding and Bandfix® SafeEdge band, so you can carry out a multitude of strapping jobs. Another reason why this tool is attractive to our customers is because of its built-in cutter, meaning you can tighten your banding and cut the excess off with just one tool.

Find below a video of the tool in action!


2.    Bandfix® Tensioner Banding Tool

The tensioner tool is perfect for banding tasks which are more awkward to complete, for example, if there is limited room or space to secure the banding. As this tool is much smaller and lighter than the standard banding tool, it is great for more difficult projects! It is also ideal for users who work offsite, as it is small enough to fit in a tool belt and incorporates everything you need to finish the job. The tool is designed with a hammer and cutter, to remove the remaining banding, and to secure the banding clips or wing seals tightly in place.


3.    Bandfix® Bantam Banding Tool

Next is the Bandfix® Bantam Banding Tool, which is perfect for any banding project. Also known as the ‘pistol grip’ tool, this tool uses one or two-handed tensioning to secure the banding in place. Similar to the tensioner tool, the Bantam is ideal for spaces with minimal access, as the handle is a lot more compact compared to the Whirley tool. This tool can be used with the Bandfix® range of sign banding and safe edge banding, whether they are 304 or 316 stainless steel grades, making it a very versatile tool.

If you would like to see how the Bantam tool works, take a look at the video below.


4.    Bandfix® Giant Banding Tool

The final tool that we have available is the Bandfix® Giant Banding Tool, which is fantastic for tasks that require larger banding. This tool is ideal for strapping that is between 19-32mm and can be used with giant buckles up to 11/4”. The giant tool is suitable for all banding requirements; however, it is particularly useful for heavier insulation projects such as metal jacketing and pipework. The same as the standard tool, the giant tool performs in exactly the same way, using a spinning handle for tensioning.

All of our banding tools are coated in epoxy or Zinc, to withstand corrosion, to make sure you can carry out any banding task no matter the conditions or environment. These tools are bound to provide you with many years of service, as they have been well-made and intricately designed. We hope this post has helped you find the right tool for you and your banding project! If you require any more information about our banding range or other products, please contact us on 03330 117818 or email, and our team will be more than happy to help!