Bandfix® Banding Tool

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Bandfix® Banding Tool

Also known as strapping tool or banding tensioner

Suitable for banding widths from 9mm (3/8") to 20mm (3/4")

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Bandfix® Banding Tool

our most popular banding tool due to it's ease of use and high quality, also referred to as a "Whirley Bird" strapping tool due to the operation to tighten. This banding tool is used to fix stainless steel banding and strapping. Banding tools help apply tension to the banding, create a seal or connection, and trim excess strapping. The choice of tool and strapping material depends on the specific requirements of the job and the type of load being secured.

These tools are commonly used in various industries and applications for packaging, sign fixings, shipping, and securing loads. For example, they are often used alongside Bandfix® Sign Banding for signage and traffic control purposes, or used with Bandfix® Stainless Steel Banding for metal insulation, securing bundles of cables or pakcaging purposes. 

Banding Tool Specifications

  • Tensions over 1100 kg of force ( 2,400lbs) and cuts off the spare banding being formed
  • Used to apply Stainless Steel Band, can also be used for Galvanized or Carbon Steel Band and general steel strapping
  • Widths from 9mm (3/8") to 20mm (3/4")
  • Drop forged tool and heat treated with built in cutter
  • Spring loaded grip lever improves ease of use
  • Blue epoxy powder coated finish to resist  corrosion
  • Weight 2kgs approx. ( 4.3lb)
  • Blue epoxy coated
  • Spinning Handle for ease of tightening


Here are some situations and scenarios when you might use a steel banding tool:

  1. Securing Heavy Loads: Steel banding tools are often used to secure heavy or bulky loads on pallets, in crates, or on trucks. This helps prevent the items from shifting or falling during transportation.

  2. Construction: In construction and building projects, steel banding can be used to bundle together construction materials, pipes, or steel beams.

  3. Shipping and Logistics: Shipping companies and warehouses use steel banding tools to secure packages, bundles, and palletized goods before they are loaded onto trucks, ships, or airplanes.

  4. Manufacturing: In manufacturing processes, steel bands can be used to bundle together products, parts, or components for storage or shipping.

  5. Bracing and Support: Steel bands can provide additional bracing and support for fragile or sensitive items, such as glass, to prevent breakage during handling and transportation.

  6. Recycling and Waste Management: Steel strapping is often used to bundle recycled materials like paper, cardboard, or metal scraps before they are transported to recycling facilities.

  7. Woodworking: Woodworkers may use steel banding tools to secure wood bundles or stacks for storage or transport.

  8. Outdoor Activities: Steel banding tools are sometimes used in outdoor activities like camping or hiking to secure gear or equipment.

  9. Packing and Crating: When packing items for long-distance or international shipping, steel banding can provide extra security to protect the contents of crates or boxes.

  10. Dismantling and Demolition: In some demolition or dismantling projects, steel bands are used to bundle and secure materials for safe removal.


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