The Tough Mudder season is here – a challenging obstacle course renowned for its mix of physical strain and team bonding. Following the success of previous years, the BS Fixings and BS Stainless teams decided to take on the challenge once again!

On the last weekend of July, we teamed up to join the ranks of the Tough Mudder conquerors, taking on the daunting challenge in Skipton, North Yorkshire.

Tough Mudder is a test of strength, endurance, and camaraderie, and this year’s course was no exception, featuring a gruelling 15km run filled with 30 formidable obstacles. We were met with a series of trials, including deep mud pits, freezing water, towering walls, and even the harrowing thrill of electric shocks. Despite the nerves and anticipation, we approached the challenge head-on and didn’t look back!

Not only is Tough Mudder a jam-packed day for the team to enjoy, full of fun and laughter, but it is also a great team-building experience, bringing us all together as one. Although covered in bruises and coated in mud from head to toe, this event never seems to defeat us!

Some of our favourite obstacles were:

Electroshock Therapy – despite being intimidating, a passage full of 10,000 volts wires was a great way to boost our adrenaline (whilst being slightly painful).

Mud Mile – 10ft deep puddles accompanied by muddy mountains, the mud mile is the epitome of Tough Mudder that everyone secretly enjoys.

Cry Baby – now, this obstacle does make some cry like a baby, but not for us! This smoky obstacle was a whole lot of fun.

Everest – featuring a 13ft quaterpipe, this obstacle allowed us to work as a team as we helped each other up.

We are already looking forward to next year's event, with plans to prepare even harder, run even faster, and climb even higher! With the memory of Tough Mudder 2023 still fresh in our minds, the teams from BS Fixings and BS Stainless are more motivated than ever to take on new challenges and to prove their determination, be it on the industrial floor or a muddy field in Skipton.

If you would like to see how we performed last year, check out our news post ‘We Completed Tough Mudder 2022!’ here.