We are pleased to announce that we now feature a new section on our blog and social media platforms called Customer Creations, to showcase the artistic work carried out by our customers who use our products in creative ways.

Just like the image featured above! This sculpture was created by Lisa Jahme, an exceptional wire artist from Tenby, who used our sculpting wire to make this magnificent piece.


Fantasy Wire

We have a long history of customers using our wire for their creative projects. We had the privilege of supplying Robin Wight of Fantasy Wire so he could create some amazing stainless steel fairies.

You can read more about our company’s association with Robin in this article on our BS Stainless Website.


Eddie The Eagle

Some of you may remember our friend Eddie the Eagle (pictured below), who flew with us over to Germany not so long ago.











Eddie was created by an extremely talented customer of ours, called Candice Bees. Candice is an award-winning artist whose impressive work earned her a place on the Sky Arts show “Landmark”! You can view posts about Eddie on our Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn profiles.


Sculpting Wire

Sculpting wire is a sturdy yet flexible material, which makes it absolutely perfect for creating wire artwork!  

We hope this blog has sparked your creative juices and inspired you to make your own stainless steel masterpieces.

Please check out our sculpting wire section, where you will find a number of sculpting wires and tools to get you started!


If you use our products, we would love to hear from you! You can email any photographs and relevant information about your project to info@bsfixings.co.uk. Have fun and we look forward to seeing your creative works!