As the seasons change and nature starts to come alive, so does the challenge of protecting our properties from our feathered friends who, albeit unintentionally, can cause a fair bit of trouble. Whilst birds are a delightful sign of spring, they can sometimes become a nuisance, causing damage and leaving behind unwanted messes around our homes and buildings. At BS Fixings, we understand the importance of finding a balance between enjoying wildlife and preserving the cleanliness of your property. That’s why we’re excited to announce our latest offer that will help you to do just that!

For the entire month of March, you can enjoy 15% off our range of bird deterrent products!

Our product range includes a variety of humane and effective solutions to prevent birds from landing and nesting where they shouldn’t be. From stainless steel bird spikes to bird free gel, we have everything you need to deter pigeons and other birds without harm, ensuring a peaceful solution to a common problem.

Popular Products:

wide plastic bird spike

Bird Spikes

We stock a large selection of stainless steel and plastic bird spikes, perfect for preventing birds from roosting on your property. All of our spike products are easy to install and are maintenance-free. Browse our huge selection here!






bird spike silicone

Bird Spike Fixing Silicone (285ml)

To adhere our bird spikes, you will need an adhesive. This silicone adhesive is a specially formulated glue, designed to hold bird spikes onto wood, concrete, glass, steel, and more.


WAS: £9.50 (excl. Tax) 

NOW: £8.08 (excl. Tax)



bird free gel

Bird Free Gel Discs (15 per box)

Our bird free gel product is a discreet and effective way to deter birds. These gel discs are easy to place and proven to keep birds away.


WAS: £71.39 (excl. Tax) 

NOW: £60.68 (excl. Tax)




bird dropping disinfectant

Bird Droppings Disinfectant Spray

Keep your property clean and sanitary with this specially formulated spray, perfect for removing bird droppings safely and effectively.


WAS: £13.49 (excl. Tax) 

NOW: £11.47 (excl. Tax)




Don't let pesky visitors ruffle your feathers! Take advantage of our 15% off offer and invest in a solution that keeps your space clean and undamaged. This special promotion is only available till the end of March, so act fast. Visit our website today and make the most of this limited-time offer.