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Stainless Steel/­Galvanised Hip Iron

Galvanised or Stainless steel Hip Iron. Sold each.
  • from £1.70

Stainless Steel Expansion Springs

Expansion springs. Sold each
  • from £4.90
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Hand Rivet Tool GO-755

Hand rivet tool from Goebel, GO-755
  • £15.95

Graffiti Remover Tetrosyl

Removes Graffiti easy, fast and effective to remove unwanted ink marks.
  • from £5.75

Goebel A4/A4 Domed Head

Domed Head Blind Rivets AISI 316/AISI 316
  • from £42.23

Bandfix® – Aluminium Banding - Larger Coils

Coils of Aluminium banding or strapping in heavy duty, 0.55mm thick.
  • from £27.00

Threaded Bar

Stainless Steel Threaded Bar. Grade 304 (A2) 1 metre lengths
  • from £1.57

Aluminium Foil

99% pure aluminium foil 0.05 thickness
  • from £48.60

Gutter Guard

Bluebird 'Easyfix' Gutter Guard. Next day delivery is not offered on this product.
  • from £56.90

Fence U Bracket

  • from £3.89

Multi-Torque Banding

Sold each. Minimum order of 2 rolls.
  • from £40.00
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