Birds can cause all sorts of problems to structures and also to human health. As well as being unsightly, bird droppings contain dangerous bacteria and so should be prevented at all costs. BS Fixings now supply a range of bird prevention methods and one of these is Germ Clear, a product specially formulated to remove bird droppings prior to the installation of bird prevention spikes.

Germ Clear can be safely and successfully used on all kinds of ledges and window sills. The formula is easy to use and allows for rapid cleaning before bird prevention spikes are installed. Before the bases of spikes are glued down, the surfaces must be completely free of droppings; this will ensure that a firm fix is achieved.

As suggested by the name, Germ Clear provides a disinfecting effect, killing all dangerous bacteria that can cause health issues. Sprayed directly onto the surface, the product first damps down the droppings, taking effect in just 60 seconds. The surface should be completely soaked, allowing for deep penetration even into the driest droppings.

Once the formula has soaked in, removing the droppings is quick and simple using a metal scraper. The area should then be resprayed before a stiff brush is used to remove the majority of the droppings. A final respray completes the job, after which a damp cloth can be used to fully clean the area. After this final respray has dried, the area is ready for the installation of bird prevention spikes.