All of the most informative charts, from albums and singles to movies and books, are collated from the most reliable source - the people who are actually buying the products. We at BS Fixings can sit and list our own particular favourite products all day long but, when we want to know what is REALLY making waves as it flies off the warehouse shelves, we check the hard data for the most accurate information. Want to go behind the scenes?

So that you too can keep an eye on what products are high on our own charts, and are therefore recommended by a whole array of other satisfied customers, the BS Fixings website features a Bestseller section, which is constantly updated as the buying habits of our customers change with the seasons, trends, the availability of new products or for any other reason. It is a great place to start your visit to the site, so head over there now to discover these products and more…

Bandfix Banding Tool

Stainless steel banding has 1001 uses but needs only one component to operate it - the banding tool. The Bandfix family of products, created by our parent company BS Stainless, offers the full system in a unique, especially safe and durable collection, which includes the Bandfix Banding Tool, an always-popular product. Use banding for sign fixing, tying cables, packing, fixing metal insulation.. the list goes on. Get the right level of tension every time with the proven abilities of the Bandfix Banding Tool. While you’re at it, stock up on the stainless steel banding itself - it’s also in the Bestseller section and is currently available with a fantastic 15% discount.

Tetrosyl Graffiti Remover

Also with a timely 15% discount is Tetrosyl, one of the most powerful and effective products we have ever had the pleasure of using. Originally used by BS Stainless for removing tough, stubborn marks on stainless steel before coating and/or polishing, the product was used in an experiment by some bright spark and found to be great for getting rid of unwanted graffiti too. Sprays on, wipes off, cleans the graffiti, leaves no residue. That’s how we like it.

To grab your 15% discount on these and other products in the Bestseller section of our website, simply click here!