Stainless steel wire is the raw material used for items such as screws, metallic net, and springs. It finds regular use in the hardware and kitchenware sectors, but also finds purpose in building trades and the energy industry. In this post, we are going to discuss the different types of stainless steel wire, its different applications, and where you can get it from!


There are three notable different types of stainless steel wire:

  • Spring wire
  • Forming wire
  • Cold heading wire


Spring wire is known for its tensile strength and elasticity, with ideal cast and helix characteristics. Somewhere you may find use of spring wire in everyday life is in the mattress of your bed, where spring wires are used to make springs and hoops. Other common use of spring wire is to act as a connecting wire in the automobile industry.


Forming wire is known for uses in a range of different sectors, such as the medical, automobile and shipping industries. It is created via the method of forming, where you have options of bending, piercing, shearing, and chamfering the wire into your desired form.


Cold heading wire is a type of wire that is created without the use of heat throughout the forming process. This process involves a cold forming machine that strikes the wire while it is being inserted into a die, to which the force of these strikes causes the metal to pour into a restricted die cavity. Generally, this type of wire is used for bolts, screws, studs and more.


We sell lots of different types of stainless steel wire, for all of your specific wire needs. How about we show you a couple examples that we stock here at BS Fixings?


The first we are going to talk about is the Stainless Steel Tying Wire Grade 304. Sold in 1kg coils, this wire is soft and malleable for ease of bending, twisting, and tying. This wire is an ideal grade for everyday applications, being easy to form and long lasting. It is manufactured of Grade 304 stainless steel which ensures a good level of corrosion resistance, even holding superiority above other materials such as galvanised steel! This Grade 304 wire also has a 20kg coil version.


The next we are going to tell you about is the Stainless Steel Tying Wire Grade 316. Also sold in 1kg coils, this grade of wire is great for its corrosion resistance, acidic resistance, and durability even under high temperatures. This type of wire is more commonly used in environments where an advanced corrosion resistance is important, such as in the marine industry. Just like the last type of wire, there is also a 20kg coil version.


Here on the BS Fixings website, we have a vast range of products, with a section dedicated to stainless steel wire where you can browse our selection. If you would like to contact us for any more information, you can call us on 03330 117818 or you can email us at!