There are lots of very well-suited partners in all aspects of life, from the classic fish and chips (with bread and butter and salt and vinegar of course!) to the even more classic Laurel and Hardy (best watched with a glass of gin and tonic nearby). Though these things are almost always found together, neither is totally dependent on the the other and, though we wouldn't ever want to, we could separate each pair and still make good use of the two halves separately. This isn't the case with ALL partners though...

There are some things that just aren't the separating type. Think of night without day, dog without tail or BS fixings without stainless steel; it is unthinkable. As usual, we do have a point to all of our pseudo-philosophical rambling and it's a very clear, simple and relevant point too, also as usual. So here it comes: quality rivets need a quality rivet gun! This is of course true for for lots of tool/fixing pairings such as the screw/driver or drill/drill bit (HSS CO-SPOT Drill Bit) but we're just dropping you a timely reminder that our special offer on the GO-100 Rivet Gun is in its last few days so if you want to save a sweet 15% on this quality product then the time to act is now.

After all of our talk of inseparable partners, it would be rude, indeed churlish, of us to not stock the quality rivets that give the gun its purpose and so you will of course find a full array of rivets in our collection of products, right there within easy clicking distance.

The gun itself is also a doddle to use, letting even first-time users start achieving professional results quickly. It's wireless so you can take it anywhere you feel like carrying it, which might be quite far as the gun is designed to be compact and light. Just charge up the included battery and you'll soon discover a whole host of things that could do with your newly-expert riveting touch; although some of these things probably could get along fine without that touch, you might as well do it anyway just to be on the safe side (to say nothing of giving you more chance to show off).

So, secure yours with that 15% discount for even more DIY kudos.