Everyone loves a bargain and we here at BS Fixings are no exception. So we always have an exclusive array of special offers to share with our customers, saving you money on our already-low prices! The offers are on different products all of the time therefore you should keep in touch via our newsletter, social media and by visiting our site. This will make sure that you always get the best deals from BS Fixings.

So, what are our current special offers? Here is a little taster…

Gutter Guard

Rain, wind and general unpleasantness - yes it is spring in the UK again! Blocked gutters cause damage to properties in all sorts of nasty ways, from leaks and crumbling masonry to infestations of unmentionable creepy-crawlies. A simple and cost-effective way to avoid it is with Gutter Guard, now made even more cost-effective by its inclusion in our special offers section.

New Bandfix Banding

Stainless steel banding is one of the most versatile products we sell and it would take pages and pages just to list the uses of this fascinating and revolutionary system. We have created a larger coil size in response to customer feedback and these are currently featuring in our special offers section. The special giant banding tool that is required to make the whole system work is paired side-by-side with the new banding coils in our special offers section so now is the right time to stock up for future work.

Start saving NOW with our April special offers.