As you will know, offering high-quality products at competitive trade prices is at the heart of our business. Here at BS Fixings, we are always monitoring our prices to ensure our customers receive the very best deals, and we are thrilled to announce our most recent offer.

We currently have 20% off our aluminium self-adhesive insulation pins! These insulation pins are manufactured out of top-quality aluminium with a galvanised steel base, to be used on smooth surfaces such as metal. They are available in lengths from 45mm to 203mm to suit a variety of insulation projects. Make sure to add them to your basket, whilst the offer lasts!

What are insulation pins?

Insulation pins, also referred to as ‘hanger pins’ or ‘install pins’, are utilised to fix a variety of insulation materials. The pin is used to pierce through the insulation, holding it in place using a simple and easy process. Typically, they are used for noise insulation panels in engine rooms and HVAC ducting.

The self-adhesive insulation pins are designed with a ready-to-use, self-adhesive base that can easily be bonded to smooth surfaces such as metal. The galvanised steel base is completely flat, with no punctured holes.

If you’re looking to use insulation pins for surfaces such as plasterboard, brick, or stone, perforated-based pins are more suitable. Insulation pins with a perforated base are applied with an appropriate adhesive that you can select yourself. For example, if the texture of your desired surface is rougher, you can purchase a stronger adhesive that will last longer than the pins with self-adhesive tape.

Insulation pins are generally manufactured out of aluminium or stainless steel, as both of these materials are strong, durable, and able to withstand corrosion.

For step-by-step instructions on how to install insulation pins, click here.  

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