Most of the domestic, everyday items we use have their roots in the industrial world, where the need for invention and enhancement is constant. Hundreds of things from electric blankets to satnav systems were originally developed for use in industry before filtering through to the public market. Stainless steel banding and buckles also fit neatly into this category.

Stainless steel banding and the buckles it is fastened with are regularly used in hundreds of different situations from cargo bundling to sign fixing. The system was originally designed with some seriously heavy-duty work in mind and so it is extremely able to cope with whatever is required of it.

Buckles and banding form a crucial system that allows pipelines to run under the sea, allowing us to easily connect vast distances to transport fuel and facilitate communication. Grade 316 buckles are used as they are manufactured using an especially tough mixture of metals in order to deal with the harsh salty environment and resist corrosion.

The UK is connected directly to oil fields in the Norwegian North Sea and this pipeline is a mammoth 746 miles long. It is located nearly 3000ft deep and was laid piece-by-piece in a trench created for it by two giant robot diggers. Stainless steel banding and buckles, along with many other components manufactured from the versatile metal, were essential to the successful completion of the project.

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