When we think of Texas in the USA, we conjure up images of a hot, dusty and dry place. This has not been the case recently however, as Hurricane Harvey turned the US state into a flood zone. Pictures and video from the stricken area show the devastating effects that the weather can have but one picture in particular caught our eye…

Texas is not usually prone to hurricanes and Harvey was the first to make landfall in the US for more than ten years. It hit Texas as a Category 4 storm and made its presence immediately felt, destroying homes, sinking boats, overturning vehicles and causing general havoc throughout the state. Tens of thousands of residents were forced to flee their homes as power lines, traffic signals, lamp posts and more were ripped from their moorings.

Record amounts of rain fell during the storm, causing catastrophic flooding and sadly claiming a number of lives. The cleanup operation will cost millions of dollars and many people have no homes to return to, as the buildings were flooded out and some were completely destroyed.

One of the photographs (image 5) of the devastation showed a traffic signal which was torn completely in half and ended up miles from its original location. Even though it had obviously taken such a battering, it still had a road sign attached; how had this managed to stay on throughout the turmoil? Stainless steel banding.

This shows just how strong stainless steel banding is; even though the traffic signal had been literally torn in half and dragged by wind and water over several miles, the sign banding showed no signs of even becoming loose!

As well as being resistant to the long-term effects of the weather such as corrosion, the stainless steel is tough enough to resist even the short-term effects of a hurricane. In the UK, we are lucky not to suffer such extremes of weather so we can be sure that stainless steel banding is going to stand up to whatever Mother Nature can throw at it.

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