Drywall screws are used when working with drywall, as the name suggests. They are a popular type of fastener that allows users to secure sheets of drywall/plasterboard to walls and ceiling joists. Drywall screws are designed to secure drywall to both timber and metal studs and frames. They are manufactured with deeper and longer threads, compared to regular screws, which prevents them from becoming loose over time.

These screws ensure that the drywall stays intact, by gripping the drywall sheet and framing structure together tightly. They offer a long-lasting fastening, producing a smooth and clean finish that you will not be able to achieve with a regular screw.

There are many types of drywall screws that have different physical characteristics to suit a range of applications. The length of the screw, gauge, thread, and head can all affect the way in which it is used. As an expert company in the fixing and fastening industry, we have created this blog post to provide you with more information on the types of drywall screws that are available.

Choosing The Right Type of Drywall Screw

If you’re looking to purchase drywall screws, you may have realised that there is more than one type. There are numerous features that you should look out for, which are listed below.

  • The length of the screw
  • Type of thread: Coarse or Fine
  • Type of head: Bugle or Wafer
  • The gauge
  • Collated or Uncollated
  • Type of coating: Black Phosphate or Silver Zinc


The length of the screw will depend on the materials which are being used, such as the type of drywall or fixing material. Our drywall screws are available in lengths as short as 25mm to as long as 100mm, which can be used for a range of construction projects with a variety of building materials. The longer the screw, the thicker the fixing material can be, and vice versa.

Thread Type

There are two types of thread for drywall screws, coarse and fine, both of which we offer on our website. The type of thread you choose is dependent on the material that it is being screwed into. Coarse thread screws, also known as W-type screws, have a wide and thick thread that is excellent at securing drywall and wood. On the other hand, fine thread or S-type screws have a thinner thread, which is best used for fastening drywall and metal together.

coarse thread drywall screw

Coarse Thread 

fine thread drywall screw

Fine Thread








Drywall screws, especially fine thread types, are self-threading, which means they can be used immediately without the need to pre-drill a hole.

Head Type

Just like regular screws which are available with numerous head types such as Hexagon and Truss, drywall screws can be purchased with a Bugle or Wafer head. Bugle drywall screws are the most common for fixing plasterboard, as they are designed with a countersunk head for a flush and smooth finish. Wafer-head drywall screws are a preferred choice for securing metal walls and ceiling frame structures.


The drywall screws we offer are available in two diameters, which are the typical gauges of this type of screw. You can purchase our drywall screws in widths of 3.5mm (#6) and 4.2mm (#8). Similar to the length of the screw, the choice of gauge will depend on the material that you’re fastening the drywall to.

Collated or Uncollated

This characteristic doesn’t relate to the screws themselves, but how they can be purchased. Collated drywall screws are arranged in a row, contained in plastic to be used in an auto-feed screwdriver. These are particularly useful for building and construction site workers, who are completing a large job. Juxtaposing this, uncollated drywall screws are sold as loose items, to be used for smaller fixing tasks.

collated drywall screws

Collated Drywall Screws 

Coating Type

Drywall screws are typically made of hardened steel, with a coating applied on top for further resistance against corrosion. We only stock black phosphate screws, which are ideal for fastening drywall to wood. The phosphate coating protects the screw from rust, making them perfect for areas that are prone to dampness. Silver zinc screws are more appropriate for metal applications.

If you are interested in purchasing drywall screws, we have bugle head, black phosphate types available on our website. They can be purchased in either a coarse or fine thread, with a collated option available too. Our drywall screws will guarantee you high-quality results, with a secure fastening that will not damage the surface material. Please feel free to browse our range of screws and products on our website. If you require further information, contact us today on 03330 117818 or email info@bsfixings.co.uk, and the team will be more than happy to help!